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Serving the Port of Miami (5201) , Miami International Airport (5206) since 1995



Phone:  (305) 358-0205

G.O. Notifications via Fax or email

eFax:  (305) 379-7376    or     Toll Free Fax: (888) 463-1177

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What We Do

G. O. Management Services was founded in 1993 as an approved pilot program to privatize the notification process and issuance of General Order numbers to eligible cargo in the Port's of Miami (5201) and Miami International Airport (5206) port districts.

The area general order warehouses formed a coalition and employed General Order Management Services (GOMS) to do this processing.

For both U.S. Customs and the General Order warehouses, GOMS is the single official notification point for eligible G.O. cargo.

This is a free service to all carriers and the general public, and for CBP.

GOMS is NOT a G.O. Warehouse.  After a GO number is issued and approved by CBP, your point of contact will be the G.O. Warehouse your cargo has been assigned to. 

You can call us for that G.O. number, or the carrier should be able to see it in their AMS system.  please click the link here or above for Miami G.O. Warehouses.

If you have your GO number, here's how to tell where your cargo is located.

Example of a G.O. #   2019 5201 P30100   or   2019 5106 M50100   or    201 5203 W40100

2019 - Fiscal year G.O. number is issued

5201, 5206 or 5203  - Port code of import location

P, M or W - refers to the first letter of the name of the G.O. Warehouse

P = Ports International    M = Magno International    W =  W.T.D.C., Inc.    

The last 5 digits also designate the G.O. warehouse since the letter is not always available. numbers     

30000 series is Ports International     |     40000 series is W.T.D.C.     |     500000 series is Magno International


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