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Over 25 years ago, former Customs Chief Ronald Hill and customs attorney Henry Lowenstein were approached by Port of Miami development to form a unique type of container inspection station at the seaport.  This resulted in the formation of Customs Inspection Processing Services.

A unique combination of public and private experience, C.I.P.S. was formed by people who, having been importers themselves, and knew the pain of having containers stopped for unreasonable periods of time.  At the same time, having led US Customs in Miami for many years, Ron Hill understood the public concerns of containers & the essentiality of inspections.

Eric Garcia came on board early on, and with his background in technology and management, he learned the business more thoroughly than anyone had before.

What resulted was the first and only completely dedicated container station in the United States-a neutral party, doing nothing but container inspections—with a staff dedicated to helping the importer and US Customs achieve some of the most rapid inspections processed in the nation.

C.I.P.S. has stood with the importers, brokers and forwarders of Miami to preserve this critical service--and many times, brokers, forwarders and importers have stood behind C.I.P.S. in preserving the facility for the community at the seaport.  C.I.P.S. is thankful and indebted to the entire importing community and Customs, for supporting its mission at the Port.

With the Seaport’s & port container terminal’s help, C.I.P.S. has tried to make inspections fast, relatively inexpensive, painless, and well-coordinated with multiple federal agencies. With the continued support of the PortMiami, US Customs, and the many fine members of the FCBF, C.I.P.S. looks forward to many more years of helping the importing public navigate the ever-changing complexities of trade and transport.

We are exclusively an examination station  and General Order processor here at the port with no other types of business conducted on premises.  So we are dedicated to expediting your cargo through the examination process since 1995.

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